Wireless Waste Edge

Wireless Waste Edge

Compactor Fullness Optimization with Web Reporting

The patented Wireless Waste Edge® Compactor Monitoring System is the perfect solution for the monitoring of waste compactors. It is ideal for use anywhere wireless service is available and especially where conventional telephone service is unavailable or difficult to obtain.

The Wireless Waste Edge Monitor can be easily installed on any new or existing compactor. It utilizes the largest national cellular network to offer service virtually anywhere. When a compactor container has reached a designated full level, the Wireless Waste Edge Monitor automatically sends a pick-up request directly to the hauler and/or other designated recipients, via e-mail, text message or fax.

The WasteView Plus Internet-based management service is used in conjunction with the Wireless Waste Edge Monitoring System. WasteView Plus has the capability to be in contact with one or thousands of Monitors via the web. WasteView Plus provides access at any time for current status or to view a variety of powerful management reports.

Features / Benefits

  • Sends email or text pick-up requests directly to the hauler and/or designated recipients
  • Eliminates pick-up of partially filled containers
  • Reduces the number of pick-ups by an average of 40%
  • No employee involvement in determining when the compactor container is full and ready for pick-up
  • Graphically displays compactor activity and operation on any web-enabled computer. No software required.
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone® and iPad® and other mobile devices
  • On-site Advisory Light confirms when a successful pick-up request has been made
  • Programmable “full” pick-up level for each compactor
  • Allows for differences in compactors size, type, waste stream and in hauler’s response time
  • On-demand and automatic reports provide a variety of valuable and timely management information, including pick-up dates for invoice justification
  • Can be programmed to eliminate weekend or holiday pick-ups

Wireless Waste Edge Configuration


New Alert Plus™ Waste Compactor Remote Alarms and Diagnostics Option

Add automated remote diagnostics to the Wireless Waste Edge System to reduce compactor downtime and unnecessary service calls.

  • Alerts you to four possible critical compactor problems
  • Remote diagnostic tool sends an email or text message when a problem is detected with your waste compactor
  • When the cause of a problem is identified remotely, most downtime, which can result in expensive field service calls is eliminated

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New Leak Edge® Hydraulic Leak Detection for Waste Compactors

The Leak Edge® System Option to Waste Edge provides fail-safe, automated hydraulic leak detection with remote alerts.

  • Can reduce compactor downtime and expense in the event of a leak.
  • Combines hydraulic leak detection with auto compactor shutdown and auto restart, when fluid level is restored
  • Remote diagnostic tool sends an email or text
  • Sensitive and fast acting…less than a coffee cup full of spillage will activate the system

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