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Packer AlertPacker Alert™ Self-Contained, Waste Compactor
Remote Diagnostics and Alarms System

The Packer Alert System is a device that remotely monitors the health of virtually any waste compactor, 24/7.  The system uses automated remote diagnostics to reduce compactor downtime and unnecessary field service calls.  Up to eight selectable inputs are monitored.  These can be used to watch almost any parameter or condition you choose.

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One Plus LeakEdge

Leak Edge® Hydraulic Fluid Leak Detection

The Leak Edge® System Option to Waste Edge provides fail-safe, automated hydraulic leak detection with remote alerts.
It combines real-time hydraulic leak detection with auto-compactor shutdown and auto-restart, when fluid level is restored.

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Waste Edge Wireless

Wireless Waste Edge Monitor System
Compactor Fullness Optimization with Web Reporting—Anywhere!

The patented Wireless Waste Edge® Compactor Monitoring System is the perfect solution for the monitoring of waste compactors. It is ideal for use anywhere wireless service is available and especially where conventional telephone service is unavailable or difficult to obtain. It eliminates pick-up of partially filled containers and late call-ins, thereby reducing the number of pick-ups by an average of 40%.

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One Plus Alert Plus

Alert Plus™ Waste Compactor Remote Alarms and Diagnostics

The Alert Plus System Option implements automated remote diagnostics to reduce compactor downtime and unnecessary field service calls.

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WasteView Plus Provides Monitoring and Control
of Waste Compactors via the Internet

One Plus Waste View PlusWasteView Plus is an Internet-based compactor Monitoring Service; the first of its kind in the industry. It harnesses the power of the web to slash and control waste removal costs by tracking fullness status, pick-up history and much more. It works together with Waste Edge Monitors. WasteView Plus is an interactive website that allows users to change full and empty pressure settings and e-mail addresses. It sends a pick-up notification via e-mail directly to the hauler and 3 other designated recipients.

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