Controls Access and Use of Compactor, 24/7

One Plus Waste GuardWasteGuard Control System is specifically designed for security and control of access to use of waste compactors. Works around the clock.

Ideal for use in multiple user facilities such as shopping centers, malls, hotels, resorts, industrial complexes, residential complexes and health care facilities.

Limits use of compactors only to authorized users. Promotes safe, clean work environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows only authorized users to have access to use of waste compactor. Authorized users can be added or unauthorized users can be locked-out.
  • On-site editing functions
  • Supports and retains unique identification data for up to 256 users per compactor standard Monitor Model. Virtually unlimited number of users per TrashPass Model. (See Optional configuration below)
  • Easy to use. The WasteGuard has a Keypad which can be used even with a gloved hand.
  • The Keypad has a large bright LED display which provides the user with easy to read prompts. The user needs only to key in their unique four digit PIN to access use of the compactor. Visible at night or in direct sunlight.

NOTE: Two alternative, optional methods of accessing the use of the compactor are:

  • TrashPass – A small key fob with an imbedded computer chip about the size of a dime. Designed for rugged use. To gain access to use of the compactor, touch Pass to a Reader on the Monitor
  • TrashPass ID – Durable, small and light enough to carry on a key ring. To gain access to use of the compactor, ‘touch’ key on the Reader on the Monitor

One Plus Waste Guard

Standard Operation & Configuration

  • One (1) WasteGuard Access/Security Monitor is required for each compactor and is installed at the compactor site
  • Keypad – Lexan, U.V. stabilized, weatherproof. Assigned PIN is entered on Keypad to access use of compactor
  • Easy-to-read LED display shows easy to follow prompts
  • Phoenix Connectors for easy installation
  • Power filter with surge protection
  • Non-volatile memory prevents data loss
  • Programmable spare inputs and outputs
  • Batteries are not used or required
  • Automatic resetting after power failures

Optional Functions & Configuration

  • Optional build-in RS232 port for on-site communications is available
  • TrashPass Reader – For use with TrashPass in place of using Keypad


Power Requirements:
12 through 24 Volts AC/DC OR 120 Volt AC
(Must specify voltage when ordering)

Operation Temperature:
-35°F to +135°F

NEMA weatherproof, 14 gauge steel.
W 5″ x H 8″ x D 4″

Designed for indoor or outdoor use.