Waste Edge 200

Usage/Security Monitor

Tracks usage and prevents unathorized use of your compactor — on-site

One Plus Waste Edge 200The patented Waste Edge #200 Usage/Security Monitor. It records frequency of compactor usage by individual, departments or tenant. The on-site System controls access to use of waste compactors and locks out unauthorized users. Editing functions and data retrieval for billings are easily performed on-site.

Waste Edge 200 works around the clock to provide control and greater profitability for property managers and business owners. Ideal for industrial complexes, shopping centers, malls, hotels, residential complexes and health-care facilities. Retrofittable to most new or existing compactors.

Waste Edge System Features / Benefits

  • Simple to operate. User can easily access the compactor by entering an ID number on the Monitor keypad and/or by using an optional ID card or TRASHPASS. LED display guides user through operation
  • Management can perform editing functions on-site: add new accounts, close accounts or lock-out users, and retrieve account usage totals
  • Prevents unauthorized compactor use
  • Supports and retains data for up to 256 accounts (users) per compactor Monitor
  • Maintains current and most recently cleared usage totals
  • Modular design allows expansion for additional functions and features
  • Oversized keypad for easy use with gloves
  • Large LED display offers maximum visibility at night or in direct sunlight


Waste Edge 200 Diagram

Standard Operation & Configuration

  • One Waste Edge Usage/Security Monitor is required for each compactor and is installed at the compactor site.
    Compactor users enter an ID number on Monitor keypad and/or an optional ID card
  • Managers can add, change, lock-out or delete accounts by simple commands performed on the Monitor keypad.
    Managers can access and clear account usage totals via the keypad

Standard System Features

  • Waste Edge Model 200 Usage/Security Monitor
  • Keypad – Lexan, U.V. stabilized, weatherproof
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Built-is RS232 port for on-site communications
  • Phoenix Connectors for easy installation
  • Programmable spare inputs and outputs
  • Power filter with surge protection
  • On-board LED status lights
  • Non-volatile memory prevents data loss

Operating Options

  • Can be combined with Fullness Monitors
  • Management functions can be performed remotely on a PC. See Waste Edge Model 300
  • Compactor Diagnostic Maintenance Modules:
    – Monitors compactor’s hydraulic system
    – Automatically notifies of need for service
    – Monitors oil level and temperature

Equipment Options

  • Portable palm-size printer – Battery operated, with charger. For retrieving printed on-site usage totals
  • TrashPass Reader – An alternative or additional means of accessing use of the compactor with the TrashPass Key.
  • Generic and Custom TrashPass Keys – Designed for us in harsh environments.