Waste Edge 100

Compactor Fullness Monitor System

One Plus Waste Edge 100

Saves You Money by Sending Just-in-Time Pick-up Requests to Your PC

The patented Waste Edge #100 provides control and reduction of waste compactor container pick-up frequency. The result is substantial cost savings.

Waste Edge #100 can pay for itself in just months. It accurately determines when a compactor container is ready for pick-up. The System automatically sends a pick-up request to a PC. Management reports are generated automatically and/or manually, as needed. Retrofittable to most new or existing compactors. No need to change haulers or compactors.

  • Using a patented process of electronically monitoring a compactor’s activity, Waste Edge automatically reports container fullness levels to a PC
  • Saves you up to thousands of dollars each year because it eliminates pick-ups of partially filled containers
  • Eliminates employee involvement in checking and reporting on container fullness levels
  • The unique System intelligence eliminates false ‘full’ readings caused by jams and other temporary surges
  • Auto-redial feature makes sure call gets through
  • Changes in compactor usage due to seasonal activity and holidays are no longer a concern
  • Timely pick-ups assure a cleaner, safer work environment
  • Request a fullness level status report at any time
  • Programmable ‘Full’ pick-up level for each compactor. Allows for differences in haulers’ response time
One Plus Waste Edge 100 Configuration


Standard Operation & Configuration

  • One Waste Edge 100 Fullness Monitor is required for each compactor. Installation at the waste compactor site.
  • The Monitor operates in conjunction with the WinEdge System Software or WasteView Plus
  • Pick-up pressure settings can be programmed for each compactor
  • Monitor automatically sends ‘Full’ and ‘Empty’ container status reports to management and/or hauler – requesting a pick-up when full.

Standard System Features

  • Digital pressure transducer with snubber
  • Built-in RS232 port for on-site communication
  • Programmable spare inputs and outputs
  • Power filter with surge protection
  • On-board LED status lights
  • Non-volatile memory prevents data loss during power interruption or extended power loss


  • Wireless Modem Option for use where no telephone line is available
  • Automated ‘pick-up’ request sent to a Fax machine in addition to a PC
  • Compactor Diagnostic Maintenance Modules:
    – Monitors compactor’s hydraulic system
    – Automatically notifies of need for service
    – Monitors oil level and temperature
  • On-site indicator light: Lights when successful call has been made to hauler to request a pick-up
  • Phone Line splitter system: Enables a single phone line to communicate with up to 9 separate compactor monitors.