Saving Money is Just the Beginning

Waste Edge Fullness Monitors are Guaranteed to
Cut Your Waste Hauling Bill by at Least 30%, but
The Benefits don’t stop there!

One Plus Saving Money is Just the BeginningWaste Edge Compactor Fullness Monitors can do a lot to automate and improve the management of your waste, but by far the most popular customer benefit is how it takes a giant bite out of waste hauling costs.  And One Plus is so sure of that, that we are willing to guarantee that you’ll see at least a 30% annual savings.  That could easily save your company can save thousands of dollars annually.  Consider this…

  • Totally automated approach to accurately monitoring the fullness levels of your compactors
  • At just the right time, the system emails your hauler that a pickup is needed
  • Every time a container is picked-up, it’s full.  Because only full containers are picked-up, your hauler makes, and charges you for, fewer trips
  • There’s no need to change haulers or compactors
  • Wireless operations does not require a phone line for communications

While the idea of just-in-time container pickups sounds simple, it takes the patented technology of One Plus to do the job right.  With tens of thousands of systems in operation, we’ve been able to continually prove our results and even improve upon performance.  The system is smart enough to identify “false fulls” and can be programmed to account for weekend and holiday schedules.  Waste Edge Fullness Monitors are on-the-job 24/7, so your employees don’t need to be.

A Waste Edge Fullness Monitoring System can pay for itself in as little as 6 months and will silently keep saving money for years to come.  Think about how much that could add up to, each and every year.

And with the savings comes:

  • Better service from your hauler
  • Better tracking of their billing
  • Relieving your employees of an unnecessary burden to “monitor” the compactor
  • No chance that an employee will call the hauler too early or too late, because all of those calls are eliminated!
  • Automatic adjustments for weekends and holidays
  • Prevention of over-weight hauling charges, from a too-late pickup

Choose a basic Waste Edge Monitor or an enhanced model with additional capabilities to better manage your waste.

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