Packer Alert

Packer Alert™ Self-Contained, Waste Compactor
Remote Diagnostics and Alarms System


The Packer Alert System is a device that remotely monitors the health of virtually any waste compactor, 24/7.  The system uses automated remote diagnostics to reduce compactor downtime and unnecessary field service calls.  Up to eight selectable inputs are monitored.  These can be used to watch almost any parameter or condition you choose.

When Packer Alert identifies a problem, the system automatically sends a wireless alarm notification to designated recipients via a text message or email.  Faults as simple to correct as resetting the emergency-stop button can generate unnecessary, expensive service calls.  Such potential expenses are prevented by automatically sending alerts, including: emergency-stop button activation, overload trip, hopper door left open and container not returned.  Low-oil and low oil temperature alerts can prevent a potentially serious problem which could cause damage to the compactor.  With this additional information, waste compactor operators can easily correct many problems without the need for a field service call.

Features / Benefits

  • More than pays for itself in savings from unneeded service calls and compactor downtime
  • Sends automatic alerts when a problem is detected or when preventative maintenance is needed
  • Provides remote diagnostics to identify alarm conditions before they become serious
  • Many problems identified by Packer Alert can be corrected without a service technician
  • Allows remote deactivation of a compactor, as required to maintain safety or in response to unpaid rental  fees
  • Communicates via email or text message, or website
  • Advises when the problem has been resolved
  • Cellular communications—no phone line required
  • Entirely self-contained for use with any brand of waste compactor
  • Adaptable to virtually any kind of sensor