Lower Cost for Waste Disposal

One Plus Wireless Waste Edge

Waste Disposal Cost Reduction
Through Automated Compactor Monitoring

An effective waste management program in industrial, retail and multi-tenant residential facilities should include active methods to ensure that trash removal is conducted as efficiently as possible.

The most effective way to improve the efficiency of the trash removal process and lower expenses is through automated monitoring of waste compactor container fullness. The patented Waste Edge System from One Plus Corporation of Northbrook, Illinois accomplishes this by automatically contacting the waste hauler when the compactor is ready for a pick-up. Unlike “fullness lights” which are easily fooled by the way a compactor fills, the Waste Edge System accurately determines the container fullness.

This only ‘as needed’ solid waste removal reduces the frequency of pick-ups, and prevents late call-in refuse overflows. The economic benefits of the Waste Edge approach of picking-up only full containers, can be enormous. Reductions in waste disposal cost typically average in the 30 to 40 percent range. Some One Plus customers have even reported reductions as much as 90 percent. All savings result from reduction of frequency of pick-ups.

Companies that use scheduled hauler pick-ups are often among customers who see the greatest savings. The reason is simple; trash output is not a constant. Trash pick-up operations must be capable of responding to these variations. With no employee involvement in the process, overhead costs are often reduced as well.

Depending on the model, these computerized systems can notify you and your hauler of a full compactor container by fax, email or remote computer monitoring software.  Because there are no third-party service companies involved, all of the savings stay with your company.

Controlling compactor access and monitoring usage, can be a cost-saving feature. One Plus offers a wide range of Waste Edge compactor usage monitors that limit access of compactors or balers to authorized users and electronically records their actual usage. For more details on usage monitors, click here.