Let’s Talk Trash

A Simplified Look at How to Reduce Waste Hauling Costs

Trash is normally not a subject discussed over a power lunch or at a board meeting. But studies show that an often over-looked area where significant savings can be achieved is in the management of solid waste disposal. Knowing the problems, pitfalls and cost inefficiencies inherent in solid waste removal can lead to significant cost savings.

On the surface, getting rid of trash seems like an uncomplicated process. Employees throw out the trash and the hauler picks it up. But like everything else, if you know what’s available, you can make informed choices. Those choices make a major ‘bottom line’ difference. Several waste management options are available.

Third party services can handle the trash removal process, for an on-going fee. The fees can often outpace any savings promised. The selling point is that you don’t have to be involved in the removal process. But you are actually involved, if your money is not be buying you the best service or the opportunity to cut costs.

‘Full’ lights can be affixed to a compactor. But false fulls are often caused by ‘bridging’ or jamming in the container. Calls to a hauler because of a ‘false full’ will result in the pick-up of a partially empty container, resulting in unnecessary cost. If the employee forgets to call the hauler, the result is a messy overflow requiring manpower to clean up.

Then there are scheduled hauler pick-ups. The variation in amount of trash created by lulls or unexpected surges in the flow of trash can make scheduled pick-ups an expensive mistake. Charges are often the same for full or partially filled containers and there may be no interruption of pickups during holidays or plant shut-downs.

Automated waste compactor Monitors are the newest, most effective and efficient means of doing a job better, at significant savings. It is not necessary to change waste compactors or waste haulers. 

One Plus Corporation is the leader in the waste compactor automated monitoring industry. The patented WASTE EDGE Monitor Systems provide solutions to monitoring, recording and reporting on waste compactor status. Savings of 30% to 60% have been documented. Payback for equipment purchases can generally be achieved in months.

‘Intelligent’ Monitors use digital technology to accurately recognize and automatically report compactor container fullness levels. Monitors send on-time pick-up requests to a hauler and or site/manager, via computer, fax, or e-mail.

In multi-user facilities, the Monitor can control who uses the compactor and report the usage for billing. This is much more equitable than charging based on the tenant’s square footage.  Unauthorized users can be locked out.

Optional software or services offer a variety of management reports, including pick-up dates and billing information. You can see cost-saving information on graphs, charts and reports, when you want to see them. As another option, WASTE EDGE can be accessed on a secure Internet-based system to control and manage your waste hauling.

The utilization of the WASTE EDGE Monitor System can significantly reduce waste removal operating costs and increase waste removal efficiency. 

How much can you save?  Based on information you provide, a One Plus representative can provide a savings estimate and offer a guarantee on waste hauling savings.  Get started by contacting One Plus.