Leak Edge

Leak Edge® Hydraulic Fluid Leak Detection

Fully automated monitoring and response for Waste Compactor Hydraulic Leaks

One Plus Leak EdgeThe Leak Edge® System Option to Waste Edge provides fail-safe, automated hydraulic leak detection with remote alerts. It can reduce compactor downtime and expense in the event of a leak. If you have ever experienced a hydraulic fluid leak, you know that the consequences can be difficult and expensive to clean-up.

Leak Edge is a low-cost option to Waste Edge® Fullness Monitors, providing comprehensive capabilities to maximize the benefits of waste compactors. Utilizing a submersible level-sensing probe, it can identify a hydraulic fluid leak (less than 6 ounces), and can automatically shut down the compactor and send real-time notification of the problem to key personnel.

Features / Benefits

  • Combines hydraulic leak detection with auto compactor shutdown and auto restart, when fluid level is restored
  • Identifies hydraulic leaks before they result in expensive and time-consuming site clean-ups
  • Hydraulic leak detection is fully programmable and can shut down the compactor and send an alert email or text message to your cell phone or computer
  • Reduces compactor downtime by expediting service calls and advising technician of the nature of the problem
  • Sensitive and fast acting…less than a coffee cup full of spillage will activate the system
  • Helps keep compactor running at peak performance
  • Submersible level sensor installs quickly and is self-calibrating
  • Leak Edge more than pays for itself in savings from site clean-up and compactor downtime
  • Fully compatible with One Plus Alert Plus™ Remote Diagnostic Systems, to identify compactor user errors, low oil and other fault conditions