Cut your monthly waste compactor hauling bills by at
least 30%, year after year. One Plus guarantees it!

  • No need to change waste haulers or compactors
  • Get better service
  • Waste Edge® Monitor’s know when your compactor is full and notifies the hauler for you

The concept is simple…

Only full containers get picked-up, so you stop paying for partial pickups.  Fewer pickups equal less cost.  But, unless you have Waste Edge technology, the execution is very difficult.  Waste Edge waste compactor monitoring taps the power of the Internet to fully automate management of your compactors for trash and recyclables.  Whether you have one compactor or thousands, you’ll never again have to call for a pickup or track the service levels of your compactor.  Waste Edge does it all for you, while saving more money than you might have thought possible.

Waste Edge is accurate, automatic, reliable, and it will save you a bundle.

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One Plus is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Waste Compactor Monitoring Systems.
Celebrating Over 20 Years of Excellence

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Featured Products

Wireless Waste Edge® Compactor Monitoring System is the perfect solution for reducing hauling costs when using waste compactors. Fully automated operation eliminates pick-up of partially filled containers for average savings of over 40%. for more information

New Leak Edge
Hydraulic Leak Protection

The Leak Edge® System Option to Waste Edge provides fail-safe, automated hydraulic leak detection with remote alerts. It combines real-time monitoring with auto-compactor shutdown and auto-restart, when fluid level is restored. for more information

Now you can save
money by being green!

Waste Edge Compactor Monitors cut down on pollution and fuel usage by slashing the number of waste pickups needed.  It’s an easy way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while saving money! for more information