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Take control of your compactor roll-off
business as never before.

Win more contracts, retain more customers and increase
customer satisfaction…all with better margins!

The concept is simple…

When the Waste Edge System identifies a full compactor container, it automatically sends a wireless email pickup request to you and your customer. By picking up only full containers, you can handle more business without adding drivers or trucks. This means you can increase profitability and customer satisfaction!

And you further reduce expenses by eliminating emergency or weekend pickups and paying for overtime–they will no longer be needed! The service also helps to prevent overload violations, because you can set the fullness level.

  • Never have to worry about late call-ins or staffing for unexpected overtime
  • Drastically reduce fuel usage, truck maintenance and labor costs
  • Avoid expensive overweight loads and fines
  • Forecast holiday and seasonal changes—avoid overtime and emergency pickups
  • Bid lower on contracts with better margins
  • A greener approach to managing your roll-off business

Proven by haulers across the country, the patented Waste Edge System is the most powerful sales tool in the waste hauling field. You will actually be able to turn the most demanding customer into the most satisfied.

One Plus is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of
Waste Compactor Monitoring Systems.
Celebrating Over 20 Years of Excellence.

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Featured Products
Wireless Waste Edge® Compactor Monitoring System is the perfect solution for winning new customers and improving account retention. Fully automated operation eliminates pick-up of partially filled containers to save your customers money while preserving your margins. for more information

New Leak Edge Hydraulic Leak Protection
The Leak Edge® System Option to Waste Edge provides fail-safe, automated hydraulic leak detection with remote alerts. It combines real-time monitoring with auto-compactor shutdown and auto-restart, when fluid level is restored. for more information

Now you can save money by being green!
Waste Edge Compactor Monitors cut down on pollution and fuel usage by slashing the number of waste pickups needed.  It’s an easy way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while saving money! for more information


One Plus is the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Waste Compactor Monitoring Systems.