Green Benefits

Save Money While You Go Green…
A Greener Approach to Managing Solid Waste

One Plus Green BenefitsDoes your company have a Green Initiative?  The conventional wisdom is that doing things that are good for the environment and good for the bottom line can not go together.  Now, thanks to the application of innovative technology, that’s all changing in the field of solid waste removal.

Through automated dispatching of waste haulers, it is possible to reduce truck operations by an average of 40% or even more.  Such results are possible by fixing the problem at the source…the waste compactor.  By improving the efficiency of waste compactor management, so that only full compactor containers are picked-up, enormous improvements are possible.

This is especially important because waste removal trucks are among the least efficient vehicles on the road. It turns out that the easiest solution to reducing the carbon footprint of waste management process is with the waste compactor, not on the truck.  The Waste Edge System, from One Plus Corp., is an automated monitoring system that actually watches how a waste compactor container is filling, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  When a full container is sensed, the waste hauler is automatically dispatched by the monitor.  In real-world experience, this results in an average of 40% fewer trips by the waste hauler—in effect reducing fuel consumption and air pollution by these trucks by 40%!

Without the sophisticated Waste Edge Monitor, large retailers, manufacturers and other waste compactor users find it almost impossible to consistently know when a compactor’s container is ready for pickup.  Because businesses are often concerned about calling the hauler too late, they rely on regularly scheduled waste pickups or guess when to call for a pickup–based on such unreliable measures as pressure gauges.  These practices result in compactor containers being picked-up too frequently—often while mostly empty.

The Waste Edge Monitor provides other environmental benefits as well. Fewer truck pickups equate to fewer miles driven, which means fewer trucks are needed to service the same number of customers.  That also means that truck maintenance is reduced proportionately.  So, reducing these factors is an added bonus.

Even more than an out-of-tune car or truck engine, a malfunctioning compactor can be incredibly wasteful.  Improper pressure settings or faulty gauges can fool workers into calling for a pickup when the container is more than 75 % empty.  The added pollution that results, as well as the added expense, can be much more significant than is at first apparent.    The One Plus System is able to improve waste stream efficiency and document results, because it is a complete, fully automated monitoring solution.  State-of-the-art sensing technology, on-board intelligence and embedded software are fully configurable to the needs of the individual user.

Software or services available for use with the Waste Edge allow detailed reports to graphically show the improvements made and the ongoing savings.  The system can be installed on virtually any standard waste compactor.  A similar system is also available for use with balers.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of adding a Waste Edge Monitor is that on a purchase basis, the system typically pays back in 9 months or less.  After that, it continues to generate major savings.  In fact, after a review of current customer operations, One Plus offers a guarantee of at least 30% annual waste hauling savings.  With energy costs and land fees sharply rising, Waste Edge is one of the few opportunities available for companies to take control and reduce a significant operating expense.

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