Baler Security

Baler Boss
Access Control for Balers

Deters Unauthorized Baler Use and
Records Bales Made

  • Controls access to use of balers
  • Allows only authorized, trained personnel to have baler access
  • Provides accountability of bales produced
  • Optional BaleEdge Software provides remote communications

One Plus Bale Edge Software

BaleEdge Software for
Use with Baler Boss

For Remote Monitoring and
Management of Balers

  • View activity of any company’s baler at any location, at any time
  • Remotely set number of bales made to auto-request  a  pick-up
  • Can set preventative maintenance alerts
  • Generates reports automatically

The use of balers can be an important way for a company to lower operating expenses by reducing waste-stream contents.
Baled paper and metal products are assets that are in demand by commercial recyclers.  In addition, individual bales can be more efficiently stored and tracked than loose material in a dumpster.  There are also ways to further maximize the efficiency of this process.

One Plus has a proven solution to help companies using balers and recyclers to keep operations safe, legal and efficient.  The Baler Boss™ System uses access control to deter under-aged and other unauthorized personnel from operating a baler; and records the actual number of bales made (up to 1 year).  Baler Boss can also remotely advise the recycler when a pickup is needed. Installs on any baler, including: vertical balers, closed- end horizontal balers, auto-tie horizontal balers, open balers and upstroke balers.

Optional BaleEdge Software provides remote communication capability for one baler or thousands.