Baler Boss

Deters Unauthorized Baler Use and Records Bales Made

If you own a baler, you know the risks to the company when unauthorized personnel use the baler. Baler Boss Control System is specifically designed for security, control of access to use of balers and accountability of bales produced. The System allows only authorized, trained personnel of required lawful age to have access to operate a baler. (Click to learn more about the law.)

  • Easy-to-use. The Baler Boss has a Keypad which can be used even with a gloved hand. The Baler Boss has a large bright LED display which provides the user with ‘how to’ prompts. The user needs only to key in their unique four digit PIN to access use of the baler
  • Authorized users can be added or locked-out. Depending on the Baler Boss model, these functions can be performed either on-site or remotely via a modem call
  • Assists in providing information to audit charges and credits given to your company by the hauler/recycler company
  • In addition to assisting the user with instructions on how to use the Baler Boss, the digital LED display can provide management with the following information, upon request:
    – A count of the current number of bales made
    – Total of bales made within any time frame, up to one year
  • Optional BaleEdge Software provides remote communication capability for one baler or thousands

NOTE: Two alternative optional methods of accessing the use of the baler are:

  • Baler Pass – A small key fob with an imbedded computer chip about the size of a dime. Designed for rugged use. To gain access to use of the baler, touch Pass to a Reader on Keypad
  • ID Mag stripe Card – Durable with a high density stripe. To gain access to use of the baler, ‘Swipe’ card on a Reader on Keypad
One Plus Baler Boss Diagram


  • Constructed to operate indoors or outdoors
  • Retrofittable to most new or used models
  • System has power failure protection. Automatic self-starting after any short or prolonged period of power outage.
  • System has solid state memory. Information and settings are protected against loss for a minimum of ten (10) years. The System does not require batteries
  • Can be retrofitted to new or existing balers

Power Requirements:
12 through 24 Volts AC/DC OR 120 Volt AC
(Must specify voltage when ordering)

Operation Temperature:
-35°F to +135°F

NEMA weatherproof, 14 gauge steel.
W 5″ x H 8″ x D 4″