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One Plus…World Leader in
Unattended Compactor Monitoring

One Plus, established in 1989,  is based upon 45 years of solid experience in the field of sensors and allied products. It has become the world leader in the field of monitoring and control of industrial waste compactors because its products are so effective.  One Plus has distributors worldwide, and has a client base which includes smaller companies along with Fortune 500 companies such as Republic Services, General Electric, Dell Computers, American Air Lines, Baxter Laboratories and Kroger Foods.

One Plus filled a need in the waste industry by designing and developing Waste Edge, a line of waste compactor management control and security systems. The Waste Edge Systems are so unique,  One Plus has been awarded nine US patents.

The Waste Edge System was the first (and is still the only) effective way to electronically monitor, accurately determine and report waste compactor container fullness levels. Automated notifications of fullness and pickups are sent to management and the hauler automatically, over virtually any form of wired or wireless communications.  This is the most effective method available to optimize compactor container loads.

The savings alone of Waste Edge Monitors make them a profitable investment for almost any waste compactor user, but there are many other compelling reasons to take a closer look. A significant benefit is the positive environmental impact that results from its use. By sharply reducing the number of trips by waste hauling trucks, fuel consumption and emissions are reduced by 30% or more. This is one of the few times when it actually costs less to be green!

Still more benefits…Controlling and monitoring compactor usage is another important function of some Waste Edge models. In multi-user environments, these Systems ensure that only authorized personnel use the compactor. They record and track actual usage for billing, by means of personal digital chip key-fob technology. This is ideal for malls and multi-user facilities.

One Plus has maintained its leadership position by close contact with the waste management industry and with commercial and industrial users – and investing in advancing its technology. Of great importance, we have solid relationships with our many customers and listen to and respond to their growing needs. We understand that the waste management needs of one industry may be very different to those of another. Our technology and software are designed to respond to those variables and give every customer just what they need. Our engineers are engaged in developing new products, improving existing products and working to improve the efficiency of the waste removal process.

The future of One Plus is very bright and, as it continues to grow and expand, the company intends to remain responsive to the needs of all its clients . . . and flexible enough to adapt to changes in technology and in the market place.

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